Movies for the categorie: Science Fiction

Title: Killers from space
Released: 1954
Running time: 1:10:55Director: W. Lee Wilder
Writers: William Raynor (screenplay), Myles Wilder (story)
Stars: Peter Graves, James Seay, Steve Pendleton

The Killers from Space in this low-budget sci-fier are a group of aliens bent on conquering the earth. To this end, they overtake the mind and body of atomic scientist Peter Graves, using the poor man as a combination spy and saboteur. When Graves realizes this, he tries to warn mankind, but no one believes him. Marching defiantly back to the aliens’ Bronson Canyon headquarters, where the slimy villains are busily syphoning off electrical power from a nearby generator, Graves vows to stop the extraterrestrials at any cost…including his own life (or what there’s left of it). The makeup used for the aliens is laughable, but the film works so long as it concentrates on Graves’ plight. Produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder, the brother of the more celebrated Billy Wilder.

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Title: Seven Angels in Eden
Released: 2007
Running time: 1:19:56
Director: Marshall Mills
Producer: Isen Robbins, Aimee Schoof
Cast: Bill Jenkins, Marshall Mills, Kristin Sutton

As the last two people on Earth make their way across the hyper-dimension of a sun-scorched Texas desert, the nightmares of the man suddenly manifest into seven rednecks that embark on a destructive rampage and answer to no one but the Black Dog. Will and Mia are chasing the light, but the darkness is right on their heels. This is a world where the wind whispers ancient secrets, and shadows seem to have a mind of their own. When Will’s nightmares take the form of seven roving hayseeds who feed on the couple’s fears, Will and Mia must summon the courage to conquer these malevolent manifestations and repopulate the planet. The future of the entire human race rests on the shoulders of these two young lovers.

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Title: Destination Moon
Released: 1950
Running time: 1:29:25
Director: Irving Pichel
Producer: George Pal
Writer: Alford Van Ronkel, Robert A. Heinlein
Cast: John Archer, Warner Anderson, Tom Powers, Dick Wesson, Ted Warde, Erin O’Brien-Moore, Michael Miller

Scientist Dr. Charles Cargraves, former Air Force General Thayer, and industrial tycoon Jim Barnes believe that it’s time that the U.S. blazed new trails and found new adventures. Convinced that exploration of space is the wave of the future (and that America’s dominance in space is vitally important if they are to continue to dominate the Earth), the three men begin planning and constructing a spaceship called “Luna” in the Mojave Desert that will take the men to the moon and back. However, anti-American forces begin flooding the press with propaganda against the moon mission, and finally the men make their way to moon without the aid of the federal government. While the men are thrilled to succeed in their mission, it turns out that they miscalculated the amount of fuel needed to return — and that the rocket needs to drop a lot of weight if it is to return to Earth. Destination Moon won an Academy Award for Best Special Effects of 1950; the film also features a brief appearance by cartoon favorite Woody Woodpecker, who helps explain how rockets work.

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Title: Invasion of the Bee Girls
Released: 1973
Running time: 1:26:28
Director: Denis Sanders
Producer: Nicole Scott
Writer: Nicholas Meyer

A powerful cosmic force is turning Earth women into queen bees who kill men by wearing them out sexually.

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Title: The Hunt For Gollum – Lord Of The Rings Prequel
Running time: 39:07
Director: Chris Bouchard
Writer: J.R.R. Tolkien, Chris Bouchard
Cast: Adrian Webster, Patrick O’Connor, Arin Allrdidge, Rita Ramnani, Gareth Brough

Award winning unofficial prequel to The Lord Of The Rings dramatising Aragorn & Gandalf’s long search for Gollum directed by British filmmaker Chris Bouchard. Based faithfully on the appendices of the books this is a non-profit, serious homage to the writing of J.R.R Tolkien and the films of Peter Jackson. It was shot on locations in England and Snowdonia with a team of over a hundred people working over the Internet. It took two years to make and was released as a non-profit Internet-only video by agreement with Tolkien Enterprizes.

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