Title: Killers from space
Released: 1954
Running time: 1:10:55Director: W. Lee Wilder
Writers: William Raynor (screenplay), Myles Wilder (story)
Stars: Peter Graves, James Seay, Steve Pendleton

The Killers from Space in this low-budget sci-fier are a group of aliens bent on conquering the earth. To this end, they overtake the mind and body of atomic scientist Peter Graves, using the poor man as a combination spy and saboteur. When Graves realizes this, he tries to warn mankind, but no one believes him. Marching defiantly back to the aliens’ Bronson Canyon headquarters, where the slimy villains are busily syphoning off electrical power from a nearby generator, Graves vows to stop the extraterrestrials at any cost…including his own life (or what there’s left of it). The makeup used for the aliens is laughable, but the film works so long as it concentrates on Graves’ plight. Produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder, the brother of the more celebrated Billy Wilder.

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Title: Queen of the Amazons
Released: 1947
Running time: 1:00:14
Director: Edward Finney (as Edward F. Finney)
Writer: Roger Merton (original story and screenplay)
Stars: Robert Lowery, Patricia Morison, J. Edward Bromberg

A woman’s husband has disappeared on an expedition into the jungle. She hires a guide to take her into the jungle to find him. However, they discover that he has been captured by a savage female tribe.

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Title: Day of the Dead
Released: 2007
Running time: 1:25:53
Director: Steve Miner
Producer: Boaz Davidson, James Dudelson, George Furla, Randall Emmett
Cast: Nick Cannon, Mena Suvari, Ving Rhames, Christa Campbell, Annalynne McCord, Michael Welch, Stark Sands, Pat Kilbane, Taylor Hoover, Matt Rippy

Nick Cannon, Mena Suvari and Ving Rhames star in this horror film based on the George A. Romero classic zombie film. A mysterious virus has infected the small town of Leadville, Colorado, and the military is brought in to enforce a quarantine and stop the spread of the disease. As people perish, survivors realize that the virus is creating the walking dead who crave human flesh. Only a small number of people are immune to the virus, and those few survivors must battle to fend off the infected zombies while trying to make it out of town alive.

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Title: American Zombie
Released: 2007
Running time: 1:35:41
Director: Grace Lee
Producer: Lee In-Ah
Cast: Grace Lee, John Solomon, Austin Basis, Suzy Nakamura, Al Vicente, Jane Edith Wilson, Andrew Amondson, Amy D. Higgins, Vanessa Peters, Kevin Michael Walsh, Jose Solomon, Paul Eiding, Philip Newby, Finneus Egan, Roger Ainslie, Ossie Mair, Andi Matheny, Alice Amter, Dave Adams, Raymond Ma

American Zombie tells the story of two Los Angeles filmmakers who set out to document a group of highfunctioning zombies and their struggle to gain acceptance in human society. Despite their wildly different working styles, Grace and John manage to chronicle the hopes and dreams of four fascinating subjects: IVAN, a convenience-store clerk who longs for a career in publishing; LISA, a florist trying to recover her lost memories; JUDY, a hopeless romantic who learns to accept her true nature; and JOEL (pronounced “Ho-El”), a committed political activist striving for zombie rights. As Grace seeks to get to know the zombies “on their own terms,” John is eager to uncover their darker side and rallies to get the crew permission to shoot at a three-day, zombies-only retreat called Live Dead where the documentary takes an unexpected — and dangerous — turn. What transpires there is beyond anything the filmmakers could imagine, as they are forced to re-evaluate their ideas about tolerance, identity politics and the future of the human race.

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Title: Seven Angels in Eden
Released: 2007
Running time: 1:19:56
Director: Marshall Mills
Producer: Isen Robbins, Aimee Schoof
Cast: Bill Jenkins, Marshall Mills, Kristin Sutton

As the last two people on Earth make their way across the hyper-dimension of a sun-scorched Texas desert, the nightmares of the man suddenly manifest into seven rednecks that embark on a destructive rampage and answer to no one but the Black Dog. Will and Mia are chasing the light, but the darkness is right on their heels. This is a world where the wind whispers ancient secrets, and shadows seem to have a mind of their own. When Will’s nightmares take the form of seven roving hayseeds who feed on the couple’s fears, Will and Mia must summon the courage to conquer these malevolent manifestations and repopulate the planet. The future of the entire human race rests on the shoulders of these two young lovers.

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